VBASH (VBA SHield) is a tool that helps VBA developers protect a VBA document and the intellectual property. It provides ultimate protection by implementing a state of art VBA macro code obfuscation and/or a unique fusing technique that denies access to VBA macro code. Check it out:

  • If you develop VBA macro and share it with people
  • If you are interested in protecting your VBA intellectual property
  • If you want to prevent unauthorized changes to your work for version control purpose
  • If you concern about damage due to macro virus infecting your widely shared VBA document

  • Highlight of VBASH:

  • Protects .xlsm, .docm, .pptm documents.
  • Handles VBA document directly while preserving the original.
  • Offers powerful yet flexible obfuscation that protects your intellectual property.
  • Fully customizible obfuscation through the easy-to-use Tagging system.
  • Fuses VBA project to revoke access to the marco.
  • Transparent to end user. Processed document works exactly the same as the original, of course except being obfuscated and/or fused.

  • Revoking access to VBA macro is the first line of defense to your VBA intellectual property. Unlike the build-in password protection in Microsoft Office, which is known to be vulnerbale, and other password based protection, VBASH’s “fusing” technique locks the VBA project without any password. After being “fused”, anyone who tries to open the fused VBA project will only see this:

    You may feel pretty good already about the "fusing" feature of VBASH, but let's not halt here... You want to setup the second line of defense using VBASH's state of art VBA obfuscation which makes the code operational but incomprehensible, increasing by orders of magnitude the difficulty of stealing ideas, algorithms, sensitive information, or the code itself, EVEN IF THEY GET YOUR MACRO CODE. Better than other VBA obfuscators, VBASH's state of art code obfuscation is powerful, flexible and easy to use, thanks to the unique Tagging system. In VBASH, "Tags" are special VBA comments that control VBASH obfuscator to do its job and they are very straight forward to setup (VBASH has "Auto Tag" feature which makes "Tagging" nothing but a button click). Should you choose to, you can manually adjust the "Tags" to achieve different obfuscation results. Once the "Tags" are setup, everything else is fully automated. You can expect the obfuscation, and/or fusing, to be done with just a button click.

    For more detail about VBASH, please check out Tutorial and Gallery. You can also see what VBASH can do from this demo document: VBASH_demo.zip

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